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Digital Capacitance Unbalance Meter


Digital Capacitance Unbalance Meter (Digital RC Unbalance Meter)

Digital R-C Unbalance Meter for communication cables. It has been shown that there are some losses resulting from the cable manufacturing process which affects the intelligibility of the telephone circuit. These are caused by the unbalances in the cable pairs which not only affect the uniformity of the line but it also makes the lines susceptible to induction from other sources such as power line harmonics, ground line, voltage noise, etc.

The degree of balance in communication circuit determines how susceptible the circuit will be to induce noise voltages. This R-C Unbalance Meter will be very useful for direct measurement of capacitance unbalances in the cable pairs. The instrument can measure resistance unbalance also. The pairs can be tested for capacitance and resistance unbalances in different configurations which are selected by a rotary switch. The Unbalance Meter is designed in such a way that it will not be sensitive to the effect of indirect couplings. SIVA Digital R-C Unbalance Meter Model RCU-1 meets the long felt requirement of telecom cable industry. The instrument confirms to international specifications and yet is priced less than half of comparable instruments available in the international market.


Measurement Parameters Resitance Unbalance DR1, DR2, DR3
Capacitance Unbalance
Pair to pair K1, K2, K3
pair to ground E1, E2, E3
Measuring Ranges Resistance Unbalaces - 19.99% to +19.99%
Capacitance Unbalances - 1999 to + 1999 pF &
in two ranges. -19.99 to + 19.99 nF
Indication 3 Digit Panel Meter with sign
Resolution Resistance Unbalance 0.01%
Capacitance Unbalance 1 pF
Test Voltage Resistance Unbalance 2 VDC
Capacitance Unbalance 6 VAC
with switchable frequencies 800 Hz & 1 KHz
Minimum Loop Resitance 1 Ohm
Selection of Parameters By means of rotary switch on front panel
Power Supply 230 V 15%, 50 Hz
Dimension 435 x 135 x 305 mm
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